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TestBites are similar themed samplers that help tasters discover their favorite snacks, drinks & foods.

Once favorites are discovered, TestBites home delivers their choices using local bundlers, USPS, UPS & Fed Ex.

Buy mixed samplers or picked selections in cases of 12, slices of 8, half portions of 6, or special quarter rations of 3.

Tastecoin's upcoming TestBites themes will be: various types of mini chocolate bars, gummies, mustards, pretzels,

root beers, nonpareils, peanut butter cups, salsas, bbq sauces, ginger drinks, cornbreads, chips & crisps.

Feast, Play, Enjoy, Learn, Wear, Adorn, Smile, Relax, Party, Track.

Foods, Candy, Beverages, Juice Flavors, Snacks, Soda Flavors, Distributors.

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Tastecoins are a Ledger Currency used for Marketing, Constantly Valued at Bitcoins Current Price.


Norman Scherer - Principal

(917) 822-1870


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